Partnering with Patients

Patient Based Care Challenge

The Patient Based Care Challenge provides a strategic framework and recommendations to assist health services to transform their organisations by adopting the patient based care model. The model includes patients, family and carers as part of the health care team providing treatment at the point of care.

Taking up the challenge requires a commitment from all staff across the organisation to adopt a patient based care model. It involves implementing a range of goals and strategies to help transform health care services into one that provides patient based care.

Participation rates in the challenge have increased annually. As at February 2015, fourteen local health districts and two specialty health networks across NSW have taken on the challenge using an integrated and strategic approach to embed patient based care within their health services.

  • LHD Patient Based Care Challenge participation graph (eChartbook)

A recent publication in the British Medical Journal describes the uptake of the Patient Based Care Challenge across NSW local health districts

Patient Based Care Model

The Challenge is based on international evidence from leading health services that have used various strategies to expand their patient focus and improve the patient experience and as a result, the overall safety and quality of care.

Patient Based Care Model

Key Elements of the Patient Based Care Challenge

The CEC can provide support and expertise to assist local health districts and services to implement patient based care strategies that will improve the safety and quality of health care in NSW.

The key elements of the challenge are:

  1. Leadership commitment
  2. Communication of the mission
  3. Engaging patients, families and carers
  4. Supporting engagement to transform care
  5. Use of patient feedback to drive change
  6. Focus on the work environment
  7. Building staff capacity
  8. Supporting a learning organisation culture
  9. Accountability.

Implementing the Patient Based Care Challenge

The Patient Based Care Challenge encourages health services to include patients, family and carers as care team members and to improve consumer engagement. The Guide has been designed to assist health services to implement the components of the Challenge and to meet the National Safety and Quality Health Service Standards.