Last Days of Life Toolkit

Recognising dying, management planning
and care after death

While these tools provide a standard approach to the framework and documentation of the care and management of the dying patient, it is the responsibility of the multidisciplinary team to ensure that the plan of treatment developed is individualised to meet the dying person’s particular needs and wishes.

Initiating Last Days of Life Management Plan (Adult)

Recognising dying can be difficult. The decision that a patient is likely to die within hours to days should be made after a thorough physical examination and discussion between the most senior doctors, nurses and Allied Health staff caring for the patient.

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Comfort Observation and Symptom Assessment (COSA) Chart (Adult)

The COSA chart provides tailored individual symptom and comfort assessment and management for patients when their death is expected as well as support to their families/carers in managing those symptoms that occur as the patient is dying.

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Care after Death in Hospital (Adult)

Care of a patient and their family doesn’t end when the patient dies. There are aspects of care still to be undertaken, such as last offices or tissue donation, and the immediate and sometimes longer term support of the family.

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