The Organisational Safety Improvement Matrix (OSIM)

Bedside to Board Safety

The purpose of the OSIM is to help your organisation to align strategy, processes and people to support bottom up safety improvement. The CEC works closely with local teams to undertake the OSIM in their Local Health District or Specialty Health Network.

How OSIM can help

The OSIM is a capability development tool intended to support bottom-up continuous improvement. Importantly, it is not intended to compare the performance of LHDs.

The OSIM takes the form of a facilitated annual review of a range of organisational criteria that support safety improvement. It is an opportunity for organisational leaders to reflect on their safety and quality priorities and target effort towards areas that are likely to increase safety and quality improvement capability.

Organisational criteria known to support safety improvement

The OSIM tool aligns with the Victorian Health Improvement Capability Quotient (HICQ). The HICQ is a mature framework building on the Redesigning Hospital Care Program Framework, the Baldrige Award and the Shingo Prize.

The high level OSIM process

The tool has 4 domains and 20 criteria: