Tailored Face to Face Training

5x5 Antimicrobial Audit Training
Training for clinical staff on the 5x5 Antimicrobial Audit and its role within an antimicrobial stewardship program 4 hours
"Gold Standard" Hand Hygiene Auditor Training
Training for health workers to audit the 5 moments for hand hygiene. Includes strategies to promote hand hygiene programs amid a deeper understanding of hand hygiene behaviours 1.5 days
Clinical Practice Improvement
Training in Clinical Practice Improvement (CPI) methodology to address a problem or issue that has been identified as affecting patient outcomes.
Capacity 30 - 40 participants per workshop
Over 1 year
End of Life
Training and education to NSW Health Staff in the discussion and recognition of patients at risk of dying and training in appropriate conversations 1 hour
Foundational Clinical Leadership Program (FCLP)
Training in leadership and improvement for middle managers within the LHD/SHN.  Includes a CPI workshop Over 1 year
High-Risk Medicines
Education for staff on the safe management and use of high-risk medicines Up to 2 hours
Human Factors Workshop
Advanced training for health care staff in the area of Human Factors to support them in the investigation, analysis and management of human error in the health system 1 day
Medication Safety Principles
Education for staff on the concept of medication safety and identifying areas for improvement using the Medication Safety Self Assessment® Up to 2 hours
Medication Reconciliation
Education for staff on the process of medication reconciliation and how it can improve patient safety at transfers of care Up to 2 hours
Root Cause Analysis Training
Training for health care staff who will be part of a RCA investigation team to skill them in the RCA methodology 2 days
Usability Analysis Workshop
Training to developing basic skills in evaluating the usability of equipment, processes, forms or software by testing it with user representatives 4 hours
Venous Thromboembolism (VTE) Prevention
Education for staff on preventing VTE through standardised risk assessment and provision of appropriate prophylaxis Up to 2 hours