Clincal Leadership Program

Executive Clinical Leadership Program

The Executive Program is aimed at senior clinician managers and is delivered centrally in Sydney by experts who have worked extensively in the areas of leadership, communication and professional development in a health care context.

The Executive CLP targets senior clinicians who are looking to implement system improvements at the department, network or district level. It aims to enhance:

  • the understanding of clinicians about the workings of NSW Health
  • knowledge of contemporary approaches to patient safety and clinical quality systems
  • the skills of clinicians in relation to communication, conflict resolution and team leadership within an environment of health care resource limitation
  • the ability of clinicians to influence the direction of health policy, and
  • personal and professional clinical leadership skills.

Applications for the 2017 Executive CLP - Cohort 19 are now open

Disclaimer: The Clinical Excellence Commission's Clinical Leadership Program has no association with the Royal College of Nursing, United Kingdom (RCN, UK) Clinical Leadership Programme, represented in Australia by the Royal Adelaide Hospital.