Quality Improvement Curriculum

Do you have ideas on how you can improve the care for your patients? Would you like an understanding of the tools and techniques that would allow you to implement those improvements?

As leaders for quality and safety within the NSW Health system, we are working with healthcare teams to help improve the system.  We provide a number of learning opportunities within Health in order to build capacity and capability to improve outcomes of care for patients.

We’re also building our prospectus for the Quality Improvement Academy.  If you would like further information on our courses, please email us at CEC-CLP@health.nsw.gov.au

Clinician's Guide to Quality and Safety

Clinician's Guide to Quality and Safety

Our Clinician's Guide to Quality and Safety is targeted at frontline clinicians starting in quality and safety improvement. It outlines the foundations of quality and safety and provides an introduction into essential quality and safety tools.


Clinical Leadership Program

The value of investing in clinical leadership programs is recognised at a State-wide, national and international level. Strategies for sustainable patient safety and system improvement are dependent on strong clinical leadership.  A central premise of CEC’s Clinical Leadership Program (CLP) is that leadership occurs at all levels in health care and is not dependent on the position to which a person is appointed. In this, the CLP supports clinical leaders in the workplace to develop outstanding leadership skills.

The Foundational Program is aimed at middle clinicians and managers. It uses a practice development framework and is delivered by facilitators employed in the local health districts. The Executive Program is aimed at senior clinician managers and is delivered centrally in Sydney by experts who have worked extensively in the areas of leadership, communication and professional development in a health care context. Both programs aim to improve patient safety and clinical quality through enhanced leadership practices. Learn more…