Quality Improvement Curriculum

Do you have ideas on how you can improve the care for your patients? Have you ever encountered a system issue or inefficiency in your department that you felt could be improved or done differently? For example, system-related issues that don’t provide the best experience of care, waste time or money, frustrate patients and/or staff and generally could be improved.

Would you like an understanding of the tools and techniques that would allow you to implement those improvements?

It is important to know that you are not alone on the quality and safety improvement journey. We recognise that clinical staff are committed to learning, changing and improving the health system in which they work, and as leaders for quality and safety within the NSW Health system, we are working with healthcare teams to help improve the system.

We provide a number of learning opportunities within Health in order to build capacity and capability to improve outcomes of care for patients. Our Quality Improvement Curriculum includes:

We’re also building our prospectus for the Quality Improvement Academy. If you would like further information on our courses, please email us at CEC-CLP@health.nsw.gov.au

Additional information on other NSW Health leadership learning and development courses can be found in the NSW Health Leadership and Management Education Directory, published by HETI.