Paediatric Patient Safety

Risk Assessment and Care Plan Chart

The Paediatric Risk Assessment and Paediatric Nursing Assessment with Care Plan charts were developed to assist with standardisation of assessing patient risk and nursing assessment for acute paediatric inpatient units. Mandated tools are included such as falls, pressure injury and nutrition risk assessment to assist with meeting the requirements of the National Safety and Quality Health Service (NSQHS) Standards. These charts reduce unwanted clinical variation and avoid duplication of and reduce the number of assessment charts.

These charts are now available in eMR. Paper charts are available for areas where the charts are not currently available in eMR or for use in downtime procedures. Please contact your local eMR unit to confirm your local downtime procedures prior to ordering paper charts.

The Paediatric Admission Assessment Form is available electronically through eMR.


To support these resources the NSW Ministry of Health has developed several resources: