Paediatric Patient Safety

Paediatric Watch

While we know how or why critical events occurred, as a system we need to improve the way we share these findings to reduce the risk of a similar event occurring to another patient. It is widely agreed that as a health system we need to improve the way in which we share the lessons from serious incidents, especially with the clinicians at the bedside.

To improve this communication, the Clinical Excellence Commission now circulates a regular publication "Paediatric Watch - Lessons from the Frontline". This simple one page document takes the learnings from a de-identified critical incident (or incidents) and highlights opportunities to improve care for children and young people. You can view all the Paediatric Watch editions below.

Paediatric Watch
Lessons from the Frontline

Edition 2/18
Testicular Torsion: “Twist & Shout” for advice…

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Edition 1/18
Is it the purple or blue strip?

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Edition 5/16 : Paediatric Watch - Lessons from the frontline - Gold is good