The Medication Safety Self Assessment ®

Non-current MSSA Resources

The Clinical Excellence Commission no longer provides support for the following MSSA resources. Please see instructions below for access.

The Medication Safety Self Assessment® for Australian Hospitals (2007) is the original self-assessment that has now been superceded by the 2015 version. Click here to access the workbook. New accounts for the online database are no longer being created, but if you have previously submitted data to this system you can view your results via the online database portal using your 2007 MSSA account.

The 2012 ISMP International MSSA for Oncology was developed by ISMP and launched internationally in 2012. Click here to access the workbook. Australian hospitals that participated in the launch can access their results via the online database portal. Hospitals that wish to use the online database to conduct a new self-assessment need to contact ISMP directly via