Continuity of Medication Management

Sustaining and Spreading

Spreading improvements and ensuring that they are sustained over time requires an investment in time, resources and commitment at all levels of the organisation, and at all stages of implementation. Elements of the implementation process that have been shown to contribute to sustainability include:

  • Standardisation (work processes, roles and responsibilities, documentation)
  • Training and education of all clinicians involved in medication management
  • Measurement and evaluation to monitor progress.

Ensuring that each of these elements is included and done well during implementation will increase the likelihood of the change being sustained over time. Other activities that can be used to sustain improvements include:

  • Incorporating education and training into existing training activities and ensuring processes are in place to train all new staff
  • Encouraging feedback on the improvement strategies from all members of the health care team
  • Continually reviewing processes and refining them
  • Integrating changes into every day work practice.


A number of posters have been developed to increase the awareness of medication reconciliation. There are four designed for health professionals and one designed for patients. These posters can also be used as screen savers.

Communicating Progress

Providing frequent updates on the development and progress of the improvement strategies at executive or committee meetings will assist in promoting the value of the initiative and support its spread. A presentation template has been provided to assist project teams with their updates. Teams will needto insert their local relevant content and adapt the presentation to suit their reporting needs.

Run charts can be used to provide a quick visual presentation of improvement results.

Both of these tools can be used to share learnings from the initial ward/unit with the quality improvement team in the next ward/unit, improving the rate of spread and demonstrating the value of the improvement activity.