Continuity of Medication Management

Monitoring Practice

Prior to implementing the selected improvement strategy, the project team should consider how they will measure its effect. As the overall aim of medication reconciliation is to ensure patients receive all intended medicines during their care, and that accurate and current medicines information follows them on transfer and discharge, the measures should demonstrate the achievement of this aim.

When planning to implement improvement strategies, it is important to collect initial data to provide a baseline for data comparison and assist in identifying areas that may require focussed attention. Data from the initial collection can be used to engage organisational and clinician support for improvement. Regular collection of data will indicate the effectiveness of strategies used.

Audit Tools

There are two audit tools and associated user guides available for services to use.

The first is a comprehensive audit tool, which requires the collection of detailed data and provides an indication of the quality of the medication information in the patient record. An audit tool data spread sheet is provided to enter collected data and to assist with data analysis.

A baseline audit summary template is also provided to assist in presenting baseline data.

The second audit tool is an observational tool that collects information on whether all components of continuity of medication management are evident for each patient.

MMP User Evaluation

The introduction of the national MMP may be one of the strategies that project teams select. As well as measuring how many patients have a MMP form, obtaining some qualitative measures may assist in determining whether clinicians are using the information on the form. The following user evaluation is provided.

Other indicators and tools which can be used to provide an indication of whether processes of medication reconciliation are occurring can be found in the National Quality Use of Medicines Indicators for Australian Hospitals.