Continuity of Medication Management


Best Possible Medication History

The CEC has produced a number of resources to support local educators train their staff in standardised medication reconciliation processes. Educators can use these resources to support self-directed learning or for inclusion in face-to-face staff education and training of all clinicians. Where appropriate we encourage educators to adapt the resources to their local context.

For education specifically tailored for nursing and midwifery staff, please see CMM Education for Nurses & Midwives.

Collecting a medication history and confirming its accuracy can be two of the most difficult steps of the medication reconciliation process, yet are crucial for providing accurate medicines information for inpatient medication treatment decisions.

Standardising the way clinicians collect and/or confirm the accuracy of a medication history will improve the capture of accurate medicines information. The following presentation and interview guide has been provided to assist services with standardisation.

Medication Reconciliation

Many clinicians may not be aware of the term 'medication reconciliation' or may have differing opinions to what it means. Medication reconciliation is the process of ensuring that patients receive all intended medicines and that accurate, current and comprehensive medicines information follows them at all transfers of care.

The following presentation can be used to ensure all members of the health care team have a common understanding of medication reconciliation and its goals.

Many initial medication reconciliation efforts may focus on admission processes. Though it is essential to get the admission processes right it is also important that the gains on admission are not lost due to poor processes at other transfers of care. The following presentation provides an overview of medication reconciliation during intra-hospital transfers, inter-hospital transfers and discharge.

Continuity of Medication Management eLearning Module

This e-Learning module is an informative and interactive online learning experience that focusses on the importance of continuity of medication management and the processes of medication reconciliation.

It is suitable for all clinical staff, particularly medical officers, nurses and pharmacists. The module encourages participants to thinking about their roles and responsibilities in medication reconciliation and the local processes that are in place within their workplace.

The module is available through the Health Education and Training Institute’s My Health Learning platform (course code: 157075702).

Other Resources

The Australian Commission on Safety and Quality in Health Care (ACSQHC)

With the support of the ACSQHC, the NPS have developed an online learning module based on the 'Get it Right!' video