QUAH - Quality Use of Antimicrobials in Healthcare

Antimicrobial Shortages

Shortages of first-line and commonly used antimicrobials pose considerable challenges to the treatment of patients; suboptimal and delayed therapy for serious infectious diseases can compromise patient safety and result in poorer outcomes, including death.

The information gathered from sponsors, manufacturers and NSW health agencies during the risk assessment for each shortage has been summarised into medication shortage communication sheets, Safety Notices or Safety Alerts. These documents provide timely information to local health districts enabling appropriate responses to minimise risk to patient safety.

The Medicine Shortage Information Sheets have been produced by the Medicine Shortage Assessment and Management Team (MSAM) which is an interagency team consisting of members from the Clinical Excellence Commission, HealthShare NSW, Chief Pharmacist Unit and The Office of the Chief Health Officer.

Current Antimicrobial Shortages

23 Feb 2017
Metronidazole intravenous preparations

Communication Sheet PDF ~198KB (updated 8 March 2017)

NCAS factsheet

TGA – medicine shortage information

20 Feb 2017
Azithromycin intravenous preparations

Communication sheet PDF ~312KB

NCAS factsheet

8 Dec 2016
Vancomycin intravenous preparations

SA002/16: NSW Health Safety Alert (updated 20 December 2016)

NCAS factsheet

TGA - medicine shortage information

14 Nov 2016

Information sheets are removed once the shortage is resolved. For information on other medication shortages, please refer to: