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Patient Blood Management

Patient Blood Management (PBM) is a multidisciplinary approach to preventing and managing anaemia, optimising haemostasis, minimising blood loss and reducing unnecessary use of blood and blood products.

National Patient Blood Management Guidelines (NBA and NHMRC) have been published in Australia since 2011, providing an evidence-based framework for caring for patients in whom transfusion may occur. Implementation of PBM strategies will lead to improved outcomes for patients, and support clinicians working towards appropriate, effective and efficient use of blood and blood products.

Clinical Practice Resources

Clinical Guidelines as required for clinical practice as outlined in NSW Health Policy PD2012_016 Blood - Management of Fresh Blood Components:

Further resources available to support safe' effective and appropriate clinical practice include:
  • Flippin' Blood, a bedside practice manual produced by BloodSafe (SA Health) and Australian Red Cross Blood Service (ARCBS).
  • The National Blood Authority provides guidelines, fact sheets and information on implementing PBM in the clinical setting
  • ARCBS Transfusion provides an extensive on line range of information and resources for health professionals related to blood products and transfusion practice