Pressure Injury Prevention Project


Pressure injury incidents

All pressure injuries must be notified in the local incident reporting and management system e.g. NSW Health Incident Information Management System (IIMS) and reported to the appropriate medical team. This includes those pressure injuries present on admission, new pressure injuries, and those that havesignificantly deteriorated (progressed to the next stage of pressure injury) since admission.

Auditing and reporting resources

The NSW Health Pressure Injury Prevention and Management Policy (PD2014_007) recommends an annual point prevalence survey and regular reviews of available data. A monitoring and auditing framework has been developed and includes a document audit tool, patient equipment audit tool, a patient assessment tool, and other supporting documents.

Pressure Injury Prevention - Monitoring and Auditing Framework

This document sets out the minimum essential elements of a pressure injury prevention and management monitoring and audit framework, linked to recommendations set out in NSW Health Pressure Injury Prevention and Management policy PD2014_007. Care planning and delivery should be consistent with thispolicy and best-practice guidelines and be appropriate for the patient population.

Point Prevalence Survey Resources

A 2015 NSW Pressure Injury Point Prevalence Report is also available.  Please contact us via email to request a copy of this report.