Catheter Associated Urinary Tract Infections (CAUTIs)

Indications for catheter use

The insertion of an indwelling catheter for an inappropriate indication is one of the key risk factors of CAUTIs [1]. The simplest way of minimising this risk is to ensure that:

  • clinicians are aware of the appropriate and inappropriate indications for indwelling catheterisation
  • the indication for catheterisation is checked before catheter insertion.

Decision Support Tool

The CEC has developed a decision support tool to support clinicians in confirming whether an indwelling urinary catheter is an appropriate option for their patient. It can be used at the point of care or as part of training for new or current clinicians. If using the tool at the point of care, refer to the tool prior to catheter insertion.

Clinicians can use this tool in emergency, surgical and maternity settings as well as in other acute patient settings where catheter insertions are performed (e.g. ICU/HDU, medical wards).

Clinicians should NOT use this tool if seeking advice for chronic catheterisations or for specialist urology settings.


[1] Clinical Excellence Commission (CEC) 2013. Safer Systems Better Care - Quality Systems Assessment Statewide Report 2012. Sydney: CEC.