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Surgical Mortality


CHASM Casebooks

CHASM Casebook 2014

This casebook presents 16 selected cases and includes a commentary, Anticoagulations and surgery for learning.

CHASM Casebooks

CHASM Casebook 2013

This case book presents the summaries and learnings of 11 audited cases and includes a commentary on the recognition and management of postoperative complications in patients who have undergone abdominal surgery.


Program Reports

CHASM Program Reports

NOTE: An erratum has been issued for the CHASM Program Report 2009-2010, since its release in January 2013.
Figure 11: Distribution of audited deaths by operative status and perceived risk of death before surgery, was incorrectly labelled in the legend. This figure has been revised - PDF ~210kb and replaced in the report.

Individualised Local Health District Reports (2014)