Safe Mobilisation

Standardised Mobility Terminology
A Guide for use across NSW

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Mobility Pictorial Guide

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Mobilisation Terminology Guide

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Give it a Go! Guide

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Pointers for Safe Mobilisation - Give it a Go
Information for Clinicians & Health Professionals

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Give it a Go!
Education Presentation

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Moving around safely in hospital
Information for Patients & Families

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Moving Right to stay upright
Education Presentation

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Safe Use of Mobility Aids Videos

The following videos involve a physiotherapist demonstrating with a client the safe use of mobility aids, including how to adjust it to the correct patient height, safety check and safe mobilising techniques.


Rollator Frames

Mobility Aids

Forearm Support Frame

Walking Stick

Walking Stick

Wheel Walker

Wheeled Walker

Balance and Strength test videos

These videos demonstrate balance and strength tests. It demonstrates the test, outlines the equipment needed and explains the results and when a person should be referred to a physiotherapist or exercise physiologist or a Falls Prevention exercise program.

Introduction to balance & strength testing

Introduction to balance & strength testing


5 x sit to stand

Walk test

10 walk test

Step test

Alternate step test

Tandem Stance

Near tandem stance test

Timed up and Go Test

Timed up and go test