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The eChartbook The Clinical Excellence Commission

How to use eChartbook CEC - How to use eChartbook

Presenting the indicators

For each indicator reported, textual information is presented under the following headings:

Why is this important?
Reflecting underlying information about the condition or procedure to which the indicator relates and the rationale for selection.

Summarises key findings, particularly in terms of time trends and variation between local health districts (LHD). For many indicators, additional analyses have been undertaken, but they are not always presented graphically. These are sometimes mentioned in the findings section. For many indicators we examine whether there were patterns evident across a rural-urban dimension or across socio-economic groups.

Issues that require attention, or further investigation, have been highlighted.

What we don't know:
Raises questions highlighting the limit of our knowledge of the impacts of issues and/or the implications there of.

Graphical information

Graphical information is also presented for each indicator. Chart XX provides an example of the typical presentation adopted for this eChartbook portal . This approach allows the reader to readily understand trends at the NSW level and within each local health district. In addition the reader can easily compare rates between local health districts. The statistical significance of trends and variations can also be observed.

Each of the charts follows a standard presentation format for ease of comparison between local health districts (see Chart XX). Occasionally there is a need to vary from this format.

Reasons for this include showing:

  • the effect of rurality and socio-economic status,
  • public and private care,
  • emergency and planned (booked or elective) care, or because the data is not collected by LHD or
  • because the data necessitates a different type of analysis (e.g. Cancer), Ambulance, or
  • to aggregate small numbers in order to provide sufficient statistical confidence in the results.

Except where noted, the data pertains to the local health district of usual residence of the patient (as opposed to the local health district of the hospital of treatment).

Each of the charts follows a standard presentation format for ease.

Chart XX: - Sample presentation of data
Sample Data Presentation