Our Strategy

Strategic Plan

Over the next three years, we will continue our commitment to ensuring better patient safety and quality care for the people of NSW.

We strive for safer care, for every patient, every time, and this Strategic Plan sets out the aims that will help us to deliver on that commitment over the next three years. Our partners are key to our success and this plan has been developed through considerable research and consultation across the NSW health system.

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Previous Plans

Performance Agreement

The principal purpose of the Performance Agreement is to clearly set out the service and performance expectations for the funding and other support provided to the Clinical Excellence Commission, to ensure the provision of safe, high quality, patient-centred healthcare services.

The Agreement articulates clear direction, responsibility and accountability across the NSW Health system for the delivery of NSW Government and NSW Health priorities. Additionally, it specifies the service delivery and performance requirements expected of the CEC that will be monitored in line with the NSW Health Performance Framework.

Through execution of the Agreement, the Secretary agrees to provide the funding and other support to the CEC as outlined in this Performance Agreement.