Stakeholder Engagement

Appropriate consultation and engagement with clinicians, patients and communities in relation to the design and delivery of relevant health services is a responsibility of the Clinical Excellence Commission (CEC).

Clinical Council

The Clinical Council was established to provide expert opinion, direction and advice to the board of the Clinical Excellence Commission. It comprises medical, nursing and allied health staff and managers, who contribute to the development and delivery of the CEC's programs and advise the board on strategies to achieve comprehensive clinician participation.

Citizens Council

The purpose of the Citizens Council is to provide strategic level advice to the Clinical Excellence Commission about engaging the community, patients, families and carers in improving and promoting quality and safety of health care.

Consumer Advisors

Engaging consumers in improving the safety and quality of health care is particularly important. Patients, family and carers provide valuable insights from their own experiences and ideas about how to improve health care. CEC Consumer Advisors provide their perspective for a range of safety and quality committees and projects that are working to make health care better and safer in NSW.

If you would like to find out more about becoming a Consumer Advisor please contact us on 9269 5521 or email