The Clinical Excellence Commission (CEC) was established in 2004 as one of the five key structural reforms outlined in the NSW Health Patient Safety and Clinical Quality Program (PSCQP) and as an evolution of the Institute for Clinical Excellence.

Emerging in the midst of system-wide patient and safety concerns, the primary focus of the CEC has been to promote and support improved clinical care, safety and quality across the NSW public health system, and to meet functions specified by the Minister for Health.

The Clinical Excellence Commission is a board-governed statutory health corporation established under the Health Services Act 1997.

Since its development, the CEC has gained local, national and international recognition by developing and driving programs and initiatives in collaboration with clinicians, managers, consumers and health service partners.

The range of areas addressed includes clinical incident review, deteriorating patients, end of life care, falls prevention, human factors, infection control, leadership, medication safety, mortality review, open disclosure, paediatric quality and safety, partnering with patients, pressure injury prevention, safety and quality education, sepsis, teamwork, transfusion medicine and venous thromboembolism prevention.

Monitoring processes and performance, to provide assurance of clinical quality and safety improvement at a system-wide level, has been a central and distinct role of the CEC within the NSW health system.

CEC Directions Statement

The CEC Directions Statement outlines the role of the CEC , the governance and activities of the Clinical Excellence Commission.

Purpose & Vision

Our Purpose

Specialists in safety: partners in improvement

We are safety specialists committed to continuous improvement of patient safety and the experience of care for the people of NSW

Our Vision

Safer care, for every patient, every time

Safe, reliable care is at the heart of everything we do. Our vision, in partnership with hospitals across NSW, is to further develop a strong and reliable safety culture, and ensure that patients, their families and carers have a positive experience of care